Insect Control and Fumigation

One of the major advantages of a fumigation approach to insect control is that it allows us to treat large areas effectively and quickly.

Fogging and fumigation is a highly effective control approach for many insects such as bird mites, moths, fleas, bed bugs, wood boring beetles, false widow spiders and any problems with flying or crawling insects. It is appropriate in a wide range of applications including warehouses, offices, homes, shops and loft spaces. We are also commonly asked to fumigation properties at the end of a tenancy.

The high-power ULV foggers our RSPH Level II qualified technicians use feature an adjustable droplet size setting from 5 to 50 microns.

At the lower range a fine mist of insecticide which covers everything but dries quickly can be administered, and with a range of about 8 metres we are able to cover large areas very quickly and effectively.

It is often combined with a low level application of a residual insecticide, giving an instantly effective level of control which also keeps working post application to deal with eggs stages.

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