Heat Treatment to Eridicate Insects

Heat treatment for the eradication of insect infestations is an area that we specialise in. The process involves the application and circulation of super-heated and super-dried air over several hours.

One of the main advantages of heat treatment is that through de-hydration, the process kills all life stages of the problem insect, including the eggs. Thus, unlike insecticide, it can be guaranteed.

Heat treatment can be used to control insect infestations in almost any situation, from private homes to factories, hotels to caravans, planes, trains and buses, lorry cabs, bakeries and farming equipment, restaurants and cafes, pallets and imports or exports (ISPM 15 approved).

It is the ideal go-to solution to eradicate insects that can be difficult to deal with by other means, such as bed bugs, mites, SPI pests, plaster beetles and is also commonly used when items that can’t be sprayed with insecticide need to be treated. Examples include mills, food manufacturing and display equipment, silos, warehouses and drink and also food dispensing machines, which can commonly become infested with cockroaches and ants.

Heat treatment is also the perfect solution when expensive fabrics and clothes need to be treated for textile pests such as clothes moths and carpet beetles. Dry air heat treatment is also very effective for biting mites. In domestic situations the most common mite people come across are bird mites.

These are nasty little biting insects that feed off the blood of chicks in birds’ nests, but they commonly move inside and start feeding on human blood. Because they are often coming through wall cavities or from loft spaces, insecticide alone is rarely effective, and needs to be combined with dry air heat treatment to penetrate the nooks, crannies and cavities where there will be both insects, and eggs. Heat treatment for bird mites can sometimes be guaranteed, but must involve the location and removal of the problem nest or nests and a biocide treatment around them.

We also commonly use dry air heat treatment for flour mites and for poultry mites. Flour mites can damage and taint food materials and food manufacturing and storage or display equipment. They are often found in flour, cereal products, dried fruit etc. Infested food stuffs need to be destroyed and equipment or cupboards cleared and cleaned. Poultry mites are a form of bird mite that can cause significant problems in poultry farming where we can’t apply insecticide, but where heat proves both practical and highly effective.

Advantages of Heat Treatment

Kills all life stages of the insect, including eggs

Can be guaranteed

Equipment and premises back in use immediately

No need for factory or staff shut down


Can be used on clothes and fabrics

If you have unwanted insects at your premesis and are looking for a solution with minimal disruption, call or email for a free consultation, or to arrange a quote for our Insect Heat Treatment Service

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