Drying Heat Treatment to Eridicate Damp Pests

There are a number of pests that thrive off the mould that grows in damp and humid conditions and which are very difficult indeed to shift using traditional methods. These include plaster beetles and book lice (psocids).

While flare-ups can be to some extent controlled using fogging and fumigation methods with insecticides, this approach is not dealing with the root of the problem and will never solve it completely.

It is an issue that commonly occurs in new builds and in reconditioned properties. The plaster in such properties can take up to three years to dry thoroughly, and during that drying period such properties can be very susceptible to infestations of damp pests like fungus beetles, booklice and plaster beetle, which thrive on the inevitable mould and mildew.

In such situations the only solution is to dry the plaster out, thus removing the food source for the insects. Without food, the infestation simply dies out.

This highly specialised heat treatment approach can only be attempted by qualified and experienced heat treatment specialists who are able to formulise a treatment approach that will deal with the infestation while not cracking the plaster.

Such specialist drying heat treatments require good ventilation and an extended treatment time compared to other insect heat treatments, and in domestic situations residents may have to stay elsewhere for one night.

Advantages of Drying Heat Treatment

The only viable treatment for damp pests like plaster beetles

Works when other methods will not

Works by removing the food source the insects are thriving on
Environmentally-friendly and can be guaranteed
Premises back in use immediately
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